Jail and Prison Workers

Medical Help for Texas Prison and Jail Workers

Working around criminals and convicts requires full attention, whether working in a maximum security prison or the county jail. Unfortunately, sometimes prison and jail workers get injured while working, taking away their ability to properly do their jobs and to keep themselves, their fellow workers, and inmates safe. Work accidents can affect both the professional and personal lifes of workers. Due to the dangerous nature of prison workers’ jobs, the injuries they sustain in the workplace vary greatly and can have long-lasting consequences.

Our clinic can help get jail employees back on their feet and in good health. At Pain Stop MD, we deal with a multitude or work-related injuries from a variety of occupations. With a board-certified physician and a full-range of resources, our clinic can be the answer to your workplace injury needs.

If you’re a prison or jail worker who’s been injured on the job, don’t wait until it’s too late to heal properly. Contact us today to set up a consultation or learn more about how we can help you.

Common Injury Causes of Jail and Prison Workers

With the dangers associated of working closely to criminals, it should come as no surprise that one can sustain a variety of injuries while on the job. Below are some of the more common ones.

  • Assaults and violent acts. Violent behavior is not uncommon among prisoners and those held in jail. This puts prison employees in an especially dangerous position each and every day. Assaults and violent attacks can result in various cuts and bruises, as well as internal organ damage.
  • Transportation-related. Any occupation that deals with a vehicle on a regular basis is at some sort of risk for injury, and jail employees are no different. The injuries associated with transportation include various acute and chronic injuries, some that may lead to a lifetime of pain.
  • Falls. Perhaps the most common injury in the workplace, fall accidents can happen to anybody. A safe work environment is essential to preventing falls, but even workers in the best-kept environments can still get hurt. Fall accidents may result in sprains, strains, or fractures, and may lead to long-term pain.
  • Overexertion. In some cases, jail and prison staff will get injured due to overexertion, especially in instances in which they perform an abnormally physically demanding task. Overexertion can lead to many different health issues, particularly sprains and strains and various chronic pain.

Whatever the cause of your pain, you deserve the best treatment possible after your work-related injury. Our team has the resources and experience to properly treat you and get you back into tip-top shape.

Our Services for Prison and Jail Workers

Our clinic provides a full range of services for jail and prison workers who have been injured in work-related incidents. Whether you need to figure out what’s wrong, or if you have questions about the workers’ compensation process, our clinic is here to help. We’ve listed some of the services we provide below.

  • Diagnostic testing. The first step in the treatment process is always a correct diagnosis. Our board-certified physician has the experience and knowledge to decipher what is wrong with you to create a proper treatment regimen.
  • Acute care. When you’ve suffered from one, isolated incident that leads to injury, our doctor can provide the acute care to help stop your pain, once and for all. With proper acute care, your injury won’t hang around and nag you forever.
  • Chronic pain program. In the case that your pain is chronic and does not subside from acute care, our clinic will provide the chronic pain treatment necessary to not only manage your pain, but ensure it goes away in time.
  • Prescriptions. With our board-certified doctor of staff, our clinic is able to prescribe you the medications necessary for proper healing. We’ll get you the right medicine, in the right dosage, for the right amount of time.
  • Physiotherapy. Especially for chronic pain, physiotherapy is a great treatment for healing injuries. Our staff can get you on the right physiotherapy regimen with exercises to help you not only heal, but strengthen your body to prevent further injuries.
  • Surgery. Sometimes simple pain management is not enough, and in these cases we recommend surgery. Our clinic’s experience and knowledge will help you decide if surgery is the right treatment path for you.

The right treatment can be the difference between your injury healing or becoming a lifelong problem. You can trust that our clinic has the right resources and experience to properly treat your injury with care.

Workers’ Compensation for Injured Jail and Prison Staff

Some work-related injuries may entitle you to compensation for your financial, professional, and personal losses sustained due to an incident. We can help guide you through the workers’ compensation process, for federal, state, and private industry employees. Here are some of the workers’ compensation services we offer:

  • The proper diagnoses and treatments to get you back to good health.
  • The right paperwork and guidance to help you process your workers’ compensation claim.
  • The medical records and paperwork you’ll need to process such a claim.
  • The answers to any general questions you have about work-related injuries and workers’ compensation.

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