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Dallas Work Injury Doctors for Construction Workers In Texas

Dallas work injury doctors for construction workers

Coming as no surprise, construction workers have some of the highest rates of injury and illnesses when compared to other occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Routinely working with dangerous equipment and materials while in hazardous environments, construction workers sustain health issues caused by falls, machinery accidents, breathing in dust and chemicals, and many other reasons. These can occur due to both isolated incidents and overuse, ranging from small lacerations and chronic pain to more serious and even fatal issues.

At Pain Stop MD, we’re committed to helping construction workers in the Dallas area with all of their health issues acquired while on the job. Our clinic provides a full range of services, from a board-certified physician on staff to guidance through the workers’ compensation process.

If you’ve been injured or fallen to illness because of work, we want to hear from you. Let our Dallas work injury doctors help you navigate the frustrating world of workers’ compensation. Our clinic serves workers all over the Dallas area, including Ennis, Denton, and Waco.

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Common Causes of Construction Worker Injury

Due to the dangerous nature of working construction, construction workers can sustain accidents in a number of ways. Some accidents at work are more common with construction workers than for other occupations. We’ve listed a number of common causes of work-related injuries for construction workers below.

  • Falls. Many construction workers consistently do their jobs high off of the ground, whether on scaffolding or walking on large metal beams. Even when all the safety precautions are taken, construction workers can fall from these great heights, resulting in a variety of health issues, such as fractured bones, lacerations, and internal organ damage.
  • Burns. Depending on the job a construction worker is doing, he or she may encounter high temperatures or burning chemicals from the machinery or materials being worked with. Burns can be extremely painful, and if not treated correctly, permanently affect a worker’s professional and personal life.
  • Overuse. The physical nature of construction work lends itself to common overuse injuries. Construction workers may spend each day performing the same repetitive motion and task, overworking the muscles, bones, and joints necessary to perform the job. Overuse injury generally comes with chronic pain and includes sprains, strains, and many more debilitating issues.
  • Machine Accidents. Working with heavy machinery shouldn’t be taken lightly. Construction workers who work with heavy machinery on a regular basis are at risk for injury, whether because of malfunction or negligence on the part of another. Machine accidents can lead to very serious injuries, including amputations and death.
  • Chemicals. The chemicals and dust that fill the air on construction sites can be harmful to those working, especially when working prolonged hours. While safety precautions such as masks can make a difference, many construction workers still sustain illness and injury due to the toxic chemical nature of their worksites. These illnesses often affect the lungs and other internal organs, manifesting in a number of ways.

These causes of injury are all common for construction workers, but there are an almost countless number of ways that construction workers may get hurt or sick while on the job. Any sort of work-related injury or illness should be investigated immediately, as to strengthen the chances of a full recovery to good health.

Our Services for Construction Workers

Our clinic provides a full range of medical services, with a board-certified physician on staff who works in pain medicine. Our treatments cover the majority of common injuries that plague workers, including:

  • Diagnostic testing. The first step in properly treating any health issue is a good diagnosis. Our clinic has the experience and resources necessary to figuring out the root cause of your pain and suffering. Our diagnostic testing proves especially helpful as a second opinion after accidents or injuries.
  • Acute care. Some health issues occur after one, isolated incident or accident and require corresponding medical care. Acute care includes immediate, active and short-term care to get you back to good health. A wide number of injuries can be treated with acute care, including back and head injuries, broken bones, sprains, and many more.
  • Chronic pain program. The most telling sign of an apparent injury is pain, and it can be a debilitating force to those who experience it. Our chronic pain programs will get to the root cause of your pain in order to stop it, allowing you to enjoy your professional and personal life.
  • Prescriptions. Our medical staff and board-certified physician are able to prescribe you with the right medicine in the event that other treatments don’t adequately treat your injury. With the right medication, the right dosage, for the right amount of time, we can get you back to good health.
  • Physiotherapy. A large part of treating a work-related injury is progressively reintroducing your muscles, bones, and joints to physical activity. Physiotherapy can be the difference between remaining healthy after treatment and re-injury. Our physiotherapy treatments include exercise, manual therapy, and education.
  • Surgery. Occasionally, an injury at work will need a more serious treatment than any of the above. Our clinic has the knowledge and experience to treat your injury through surgery.

If you’re wondering what treatment is best for your work-related injury, contact us today to set up a consultation with our doctor. We’re positive that we can get you on the right track to good health after an injury, providing the right treatment for you in your time of need.

Workers’ Compensation for Injured Construction Workers

Work-related incidents can take a particularly devastating toll on your life, due to the financial repercussions of an inability to work. Our clinic can guide you through the various workers’ compensation claims, as we understand the intricacies and differences between federal workers’ claims and other workers’ compensation claims.

We can provide the following to help you with your workers’ compensation claim:

  • The proper diagnoses and treatments to get you back to good health.
  • The right paperwork and guidance to help you process your workers’ compensation claim.
  • The medical records and paperwork you’ll need to process such a claim.
  • The answers to any general questions you have about work-related injuries and workers’ compensation.

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Construction work is a difficult and demanding job. The last thing you want to worry about after sustaining an injury is who you can turn to for help. At Pain Stop MD, our full-range of resources will allow you to worry about what’s important after an injury: healing and getting healthy. With our help, you can focus on your health, your job, and the people who matter most to you.

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