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If you’re in search of a great workers’ compensation doctor in Waco, Texas to help you with your workplace injury, then look no further. At Pain Stop MD, our board-certified doctor and experienced staff can give you the support and assistance you need to get you back to good health. We offer a wide range of services and deal with a variety of workplace injury issues, from properly diagnosing your injury to helping you through the workers’ compensation claims process. Whether you’ve slowly injured yourself through overuse or if you’ve been the victim of a traumatic accident, our clinic has the resources and staff to help you recover as best as possible.

About Us

Our clinic’s experience in workers’ compensation allows us to approach workplace related injuries advocating for patients first and foremost. For many patients, it is common to get lost in a system that does not cater to the specific needs of the workers’ compensation claim process. We don’t want those who’ve been injured to receive inadequate medical care. At Pain Stop MD, we strive to provide all of our patients the necessary information and advice to pursue a claim successfully. Our communication policy allows us to work with everybody involved in your case, from your caseworkers and adjusters to your employers.

Federal Workers’ Compensation

Approaching federal workers’ compensation injuries is different than the approach taken with private workers’ compensation or state workers’ compensation. Federal employees who have been injured on the job are required to see a federal workers’ compensation doctor to be evaluated for treatment. Carefully selecting the doctor who treats you after a work-related injury will benefit you in the long run. Our clinic has treated a wide number of federal workers’ compensation cases. We have the experience necessary to get you the compensation you deserve.

Injuries in the Workplace

Workplace injuries fall into two different categories: traumatic and occupational. Traumatic injuries occur when a physical injury is caused by an external force, such sprains, strains, fractures, or other musculoskeletal injuries. They occur in isolated incidents and should be traceable to a specific time and place, caused by a specific event or set of events. Occupational illnesses, however, are characterized by repeated stress or overuse of the body, or also from repeated exposure to dangerous chemicals or work conditions. Occupation injuries can occur over a long period of time and may be felt substantially outside of work as well.

Depending on the kind of injury you sustain, you may be required to fill out different paperwork. Form CA-1 is used to process traumatic injuries, while form CA-2 is used to process occupational illnesses and diseases.

What to Do If You Have Suffered an Injury

The following tips will lead to the best possible outcome if you are a federal employee who has been injured on the job:

  • Be sure to notify your employer before seeking treatment. You’ll be required to fill out form CA-16.
  • Be careful with the physician you choose for treatment. You can choose either an MD or a DO, but treatment from a chiropractor is limited to subluxation.
  • Don’t complete form CA-1 or CA-2 until you’ve spoken with your physician.
  • Keep an accurate documentation of all the records related to your injury.

DOL Doctors

Work-related injuries can be debilitating, confusing, and discouraging. Having an experienced DOL doctor on your side to help process your workers’ compensation claims can be a huge relief in a time of general despair. At Pain Stop MD, our doctors can help you and all those involved in the process work together to ensure that you receive the proper care and benefits after your injury. Treating your injury in the most effective way possible is the number one priority for our health care professionals. So you can focus on your recovery, we have a team of OWCP claims professionals to work on your claim so you receive all the compensation you deserve under the Federal Employee Compensation Act.

After an injury, your supervisor should inform you that you are able to choose the doctor you believe will be serve you. There is no legal obligation to use the doctor that your employer specified for you. Unfortunately, there are doctors that are simply self-interested and have no desire to care for you. Choose a trusted practitioner who will put you, the patient, first, working with you to get you the compensation you need

There are many advantages, outside of excellent medical assistance, to using a DOL doctor for a work-related injury as opposed to a regular physician. We’ve listed some of the differences below.

Patients First
First and foremost, DOL doctors are trained to put their patients’ needs above all else. Regardless of your occupation, DOL doctors will be the best option to help you protect your rights if you’re injured on the job.

In-Depth and Inside Knowledge
With inside knowledge of the DOL-OWCP claims process, DOL doctors are in a special position to help you in a work-related injury. With better communication and knowledge, DOL doctors will be able to answer and address any questions or concerns you may have after an injury, and many that you may not have thought to bring up. Working exclusively with federal workers allows DOL doctors to focus solely on your situation to best care for you.

Prompt and Efficient Handling of DOL-OWPC Claims
Paperwork for work-related injuries can be especially tedious to deal with. Having an experienced DOL doctor to guide you through the process of filing your claim will help you promptly receive the compensation you deserve.

Let Us Help!

Navigating the medical process for federal workers’ compensation can be an incredibly discouraging and confusing endeavor. With each state’s different requirements, having somebody with an intricate knowledge and familiarity of the processes is essential to achieving your desired results. Regardless of which state you’re in, any injured worker seeking compensation needs to be evaluated and diagnosed by a workers’ compensation doctor.

If you’re an injured worker in Waco, Texas, or you know somebody who is, book a consultation today or learn more about the services our team of experienced doctors can provide for you.