The Importance of Workers Compensation Medical Professionals

Because of the amount of detailed knowledge that is necessary for medical professionals to properly accommodate workers compensation claims, workers making these claims should not use their family doctors to compile medical reports. In order to combat the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP,)¬†Department of Labor workers compensation doctors¬†should be hired by employees attempting to receive compensation for office or workplace injuries.

Authorized Doctors Only

Although your personal doctor may be a competent medical professional, there are many doctors who are not authorized to take on workers compensation cases. Without a medical examination from a properly authorized doctor, your employer, the employer’s insurance company or the government can more easily challenge the validity of the medical report and injury. The medical record may not even be eligible to submit as evidence in a federal court, because it was compiled by a doctor outside of the workers compensation network.

Experience Dealing With the OWCP

The OWCP has a roster of excellently trained medical professionals working to undermine
your claim, so you need a similarly qualified doctor on your side. Workers compensation medical providers are not only capable doctors, they have extensive knowledge of the various laws and statutes concerning workers comp programs in your state. These laws vary widely from state to state, so it is extremely valuable to have a doctor familiar with the specific laws relevant in your area. The process of dealing with the OWCP is fairly arduous, and having a doctor who is familiar with the amount and type of paperwork necessary could be the difference between triumph and defeat.

Experience and Connections

Dealing with the federal government is rarely a pleasant experience, but filing for workers compensation reimbursement is much easier with the help of a professional in the field. Doctors specializing in workers compensation cases often have external connections in the industry, and their networks can include lawyers, federal officials and even former members of relevant government agencies. There are many reasons that a claim for workers compensation can fail, but it should not fail because of factors within your control. Do yourself a favor and retain a qualified workers compensation doctor today.