On-the-job Injuries Sustained by Texas Workers

Dallas Department of Labor Doctor

Dallas DOL doctorWhile we’d like to think we’re safe while performing our jobs, work accidents occur more often than we’d like to imagine. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported approximately 3 million injuries in the workplace. And while the majority were non-fatal, almost 5,000 people died from work-related injuries last year, according to OSHA.

This doesn’t mean we should view the workplace as inherently dangerous, but we should be prepared in the event that we are injured in a work-related incident. Depending on the kind of occupation we hold and the kind of work we do, we’re all susceptible to a variety of incidents. Some of those may happen in one fell swoop, taking us by surprise and causing a great deal of grief. Others may be the result of long-term overuse or overexertion. Especially in physically demanding occupations, chronic pain may become a part of our daily struggle, and even lead to traumatic injuries later on in life.

At Pain Stop MD, we want to be the helping hand to successfully get you through the recovery process after an injury. Our Dallas Department of Labor doctor and experienced staff offer a full range of services that can help treat you in the event that you are injured on the job. From acute care to chronic pain management to surgery, our clinic can be of help on every step of your healing. We serve workers all over the Dallas area, including Waco, Denton, and Ennis.

If you or somebody you know has been injured at work, don’t hesitate to book a consultation for help. The best way to heal an injury and recover completely is to start as early as possible.

Common Injuries for Workers

Work-related health issues can happen in a number of ways, but they generally come down into one of two categories: acute (or traumatic) and chronic (or occupational). We’ve broken down the difference for you below.

Acute injuries. Health issues that hit you out of nowhere are usually known as acute or traumatic injuries. Characterized by one specific event, usually from an incident or accident in the workplace, acute injuries can be life-altering and devastating to those who suffer from them. People who work in hazardous environments, like construction workers, are particularly susceptible to them, generally from fallen objects, unstable surfaces, or any other unsafe area. Consequences can range from relatively mild to incredibly serious. People may suffer from a sprain or strain, or they may suffer from an amputation or a fatal injury. Regardless of the severity, it’s always important to seek immediate medical attention for acute injuries to ensure they don’t cause long-term pain into the future.

Chronic injuries. When you’ve overworked your body, you’re more susceptible to injuring yourself. When you overwork your body every day of the week in the same way for years, you’ve probably already injured yourself. Chronic health problems affect a large number of workers, especially those who do physical labor, like construction workers or farm workers. While people who work physically demanding jobs may suffer from chronic injuries more often, even people with office jobs may suffer from them. They commonly occur from improper lifting techniques, improper footwear and equipment, or even sitting in the wrong kind of chair throughout the day. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an especially common chronic injury, affecting the wrists and arms, common for those who spend the day typing.

Both acute and chronic injuries can be relatively common depending on the occupation you hold. Below, we’ve listed a number of common body parts that get injured, in both acute and chronic ways.

  • Hand and wrist
  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Head and brain
  • Back
  • Foot and ankle
  • Leg and knee
  • Internal organs

Our Services for Injured Workers

Our clinic offers a wide range of medical services for those who’ve been injured while on the job. With a board-certified physician and DOL doctor and experienced staff, we can curate a treatment regimen tailored to your needs. Our treatment services include:

  • Diagnostic testing. The most important step in the treatment process, diagnosis allows us to move forward in the healing process by understanding what is wrong. With proper diagnosis, we’re able to create a proper treatment plan to help you heal efficiently. Some injuries never heal on their own and may exacerbate other regions of the body’s health, without proper diagnosis.
  • Acute care. This treatment is especially effective for acute health issues and works in a similar corresponding manner. We use short-term, concentrated treatments that will help you heal from injuries that have not caused you chronic pain over a long period of time.
  • Chronic pain program. For situations in which you are suffering from chronic pain, our chronic pain program can be the right treatment for you. We pinpoint the main cause of your pain and deal with the various problem areas of the body that continue to cause you pain over the course of time.
  • Prescriptions. Our clinic benefits from having a board-certified physician who can prescribe you medicine if necessary for treatment of an injury. We’ll prescribe the best medicine and dosage for the right amount of time to help you heal.
  • Physiotherapy. Even if other treatments are working well, it is often important to include physiotherapy in your treatment regimen. By exercising problem areas of the body that cause you pain, you not only relieve your pain but strengthen the regions to avoid re-injury in the future.
  • Surgery. Occasionally, surgery may be the best option for healing your work-related injury. Our clinic has both the resources and experience to properly treat you with a surgical procedure.

If you’ve been injured in a work-related accident, book a consultation today. Our clinic’s services can help you get on the road back to good health. With a treatment plan made just for you, we’re positive we can make it as stress-free as possible.

Workers’ Compensation After Getting Hurt on the Job

In some cases, depending on the context of your work-related injury, you may be entitled to compensation to make up for financial losses, medical bills, and time taken out of your life to recover. Our clinic has the resources to properly guide you through the workers’ compensation process and get you the compensation that you deserve.

We can provide the following to help you with your workers’ compensation claim:

  • The proper diagnoses and treatments to get you back to good health.
  • The right paperwork and guidance to help you process your workers’ compensation claim.
  • The medical records and paperwork you’ll need to process such a claim.
  • The answers to any general questions you have about getting hurt on the job and workers’ compensation.

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