DOL & Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Ennis, Texas

If you’ve suffered from an injury in the workplace and need a doctor who practices in workers’ compensation in Ennis, then you are in luck! Pain Stop MD is a clinic devoted to helping workers who have been injured on the job, offering a wide variety of treatments and claims-processing services to help get them back on their feet.

Whether you’re suffering from an overuse injury or have suffered from a serious accident, our clinic can handle your needs. In addition to work injuries, our clinic also provides treatment to those who’ve suffered from eye, skin, lung, and ear conditions that arise from hazardous workplace conditions, equipment failure, or improper safety education.

About Us

We are a clinic comprised of experienced doctors and staff who care deeply about the patients we serve. Patients will often get lost in a system that leads to long delays in care, losing precious time to properly heal their injuries. If you’ve suffered from inadequate health care, we can help you with the proper guidance and treatment, and also provide you a reference to experienced legal counsel, if necessary. A successful recovery is reliant on good communication between all parties involved. When paperwork gets in the way, that communication can become problematic. Our clinic is happy to include your caseworkers, adjusters, and employers in your recovery to find the right solution for everybody involved.

Federal Workers’ Compensation

We’re familiar with the differences between workers’ compensation for federal workers, private workers, and state workers, with each requiring a different approach for the claim. Federal employees must see a federal workers’ compensation doctor to be evaluated for treatment. As a federal employee, you should always be very careful about the doctor who treats you and the care that you receive. Our clinic has treated a large number of federal workers’ compensation cases. Our experience can help you reach the best possible outcome.

Injuries in the Workplace

Both traumatic and occupational injuries can occur on the job or in the workplace. When isolated incidents result in injury, such as an external blow that leads to wounds like sprains, strains, or fractures, it is referred to as a traumatic injury. Traumatic injuries are traceable to a specific event, generally at a certain time and place or during the course of a single day. Injuries resulting from repeated stress or strain on the body are known as occupational injuries. These may result from overuse or overexposure to toxic substances, and develop overtime as opposed to at once.

When filing a workers’ compensation claim, you will need to submit a written notice of injury for either a CA-1 (traumatic injury) form or CA-2 (occupational illness or disease) form.

What To Do If You Have Suffered an Injury

The following tips will lead to the best possible outcome if you are a federal employee who has been injured on the job:

  • Be sure to notify your employer before seeking treatment. You’ll be required to fill out form CA-16.
  • Be careful with the physician you choose for treatment. You can choose either an MD or a DO, but treatment from a chiropractor is limited to subluxation.
  • Don’t complete form CA-1 or CA-2 until you’ve spoken with your physician.
  • Keep an accurate documentation of all the records related to your injury.

DOL Doctors

On-the-job injuries can be both discouraging and devastating to your life. An experienced DOL doctor on your side can make dealing with your injury much more manageable. The right doctor will be able to communicate your case properly and guide you through the workers’ compensation process in an effective manner. By working with everybody involved in the process, our DOL doctors will ensure that you receive the care and benefits that you deserve. You’ll receive the necessary treatment, tailored to your needs, to restore you to good health from our skilled medical professionals. Our team of OWCP claims professionals will work relentlessly to get you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve so you can focus on recovery.

Your supervisor should inform you that you have the right to choose the doctor you want for your treatment plan. Some doctors are only interested in serving themselves, and you’re not obligated by law to see the doctor specified for you by your employer. You deserve a doctor and team that will put you first and work to get you the compensation you need.

Other doctors do not offer their patients the advantages beyond medical care assistance that DOL doctors offer. Make sure to think about these differences:

Patients First
A DOL doctor is always trained to put the patient first, whether you’re a letter carrier or an FBI agent. Your rights will be better protected by a DOL doctor if you’re injured on the job.

In-Depth and Inside Knowledge
Inside knowledge of DOL-OWCP claims is a huge advantage that DOL doctors have, allowing them to better understand the system and how to communicate on a superior level. Your concerns and questions will be better answered by a DOL doctor because they work exclusively with federal workers. You can trust a DOL doctor to focus on your situation and arrive at a resolution.

Prompt and Efficient Handling of DOL-OWPC Claims
The paperwork involved with DOL-OWPC claims can be complicated, especially for those unfamiliar with the process. DOL doctors should be able to promptly complete the process of filing your claim, getting you the compensation you deserve faster.

Let Us Help!

Navigating the medical process for federal workers’ compensation can be discouraging; we understand. To get desired results, intricate knowledge of each state’s requirements should be meticulously followed. Regardless of which state you’ve been injured in, any injured worker seeking compensation for an injury on the job needs to be evaluated by a workers’ compensation doctor.

Contact us today if you or somebody you know has been injured on the job in Ennis, Texas. Schedule a consultation with our to learn more about the services we can provide for you.