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Engaging a Medical Expert in Your Worker’s Compensation Case

If you were injured in the workplace as a federal employee, you need to engage the services of your own federal work injury doctor. There are a number of reasons why you need to take this step in order to fully protect your rights and interests as well as to best ensure that you obtain the compensation which you are entitled for your on the job injury.

Your Own Doctor and Federal Worker’s Comp

If you are like many people, you have your own doctor who you are confident in. Indeed, your doctor is likely the one treating you for some, if not all, of the injuries you may have sustained in your workplace accident.

That being said, the federal worker’s comp system is a process unto itself. It has its own unique features that are not necessarily present in the work comp systems in place in the individual states.

The bottom line is that no matter how skilled and capable your own doctor may be, no matter how confident in and comfortable you are with your doctor, he very well may not have the experience necessary to be of solid assistance to you in your federal worker’s compensation case.

Examination by Department of Labor Doctor

As you worker’s compensation case proceeds, you will be directed to submit to an examination for a doctor associated with the Department of Labor. The physician is directed to ascertain the extent of your injuries and the veracity of your claim.

In the final analysis, this doctor will likely have a bent in favor of the employer, the federal government. Therefore the doctor is likely to minimize the extent of your injuries in an effort to reduce the amount of compensation that you receive.

Federal Worker’s Compensation Consultants

Federal Worker’s Compensation Consultants can assist you in finding a medical expert who can provide you with the professional support you need to pursue your claim effectively. There are doctors who are highly familiar with the federal worker’s compensation system and who are capable to demonstrating the authenticity of your claim.

We can help you simplify a complex matter. Contact us today for help filing your claim.