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Regardless of what you do for a living, if you are unable to work due to an injury you suffered on the job, your life is likely far more difficult than it should be. You want to make a full recovery as quickly and safely as possible, but you also want to make sure that any decisions you make about your medical care will not jeopardize your right to workers’ compensation benefits. It’s a difficult situation and one that is worsened by the fact that employers often do not have their employees’ best interests in mind when it comes to paying medical and disability benefits for work-related injuries.

If you have been injured at work in Denton, Texas and are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, our team of experienced medical professionals can help. As a workers’ compensation clinic, we provide comprehensive, patient-focused diagnosis and treatment options, and we also help our patients with the documentation they need to collect the benefits they deserve. Whether you are facing days, months, or years of treatment and recovery, we can assist you every step of the way, and we can help make sure you are not forced to return to work before you are ready.

Our Patients

We treat federal, state, and private-sector employees in all occupations and professions. Whether you have suffered an acute injury in a traumatic accident or you are struggling with the pain and discomfort of a chronic injury resulting from overexertion or repetitive stress, we have the knowledge, resources, and compassion required to help you recover as quickly and safely as possible. We routinely treat employees including:

No matter what you do, how much you make, or how advanced you are in your career, if you are unable to work due to a job-related injury, you deserve to receive expert medical treatment, and you deserve to be treated fairly with regard to workers’ compensation. At Pain Stop MD, our┬áDenton TX Workers’ Compensation Doctors only do what is best for our patients, and our professional staff is here to help you in any way we can.

Our Services

Comprehensive Diagnosis

We utilize a variety of testing procedures and equipment to diagnose our patients’ injuries. From soft tissue injuries to broken bones, we have the tools needed to quickly identify the cause of our patients’ pain and develop customized treatment plans designed to allow for maximum recovery.

Acute Care

If you are capable of making a complete recovery, our acute care services will get you there as soon as your body is ready.

Chronic Pain Management

If you are suffering from chronic pain, or if your injury is likely to have lasting effects, we can help you manage your pain and explore potential options for living pain-free.


With a board-certified physician on staff, we are able to prescribe any medications that are necessary and appropriate to treat your work-related injury.


In order to return to work safely, you will likely need to rebuild strength and stability in the area(s) of your body affected by your injury. Physiotherapy can help.


If your work-related injury requires surgery, we can explain your options, help you choose the best path forward, and refer you to a specialist if necessary.

Recovering from a Work-Related Injury: Answers to FAQs

[otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Q: What types of injuries qualify for workers’ compensation?” opened=”closed”] Under federal and state law, all types of injuries will potentially qualify for workers’ compensation. If you have been injured on the job and you are eligible for benefits, the nature of your injury is not a factor in determining whether you can file a claim. At Pain Stop MD, our skilled┬áDenton TX Workers’ Compensation Doctors treat employees with injuries including:

[/otw_shortcode_content_toggle] [otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Q: Will workers’ compensation cover all of my medical expenses?” opened=”closed”] In the vast majority of cases, workers’ compensation should cover all of the medical expenses you incur as a result of your job-related injury. Eligible federal, state and private-sector workers can file for “medical benefits” which are designed to pay the direct out-of-pocket costs associated with injuries sustained on the job. This is in contrast with “disability benefits,” which only provide partial wage replacement while you are unable to work due to your injury.
[/otw_shortcode_content_toggle] [otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Q: How can Pain Stop MD help with my workers’ compensation claim?” opened=”closed”] When you choose Pain Stop MD to treat your job-related injury, we will also assist you in filing for workers’ compensation benefits. This includes:

  • Providing an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Helping you accurately report your injury to your employer.
  • Submitting any other medical documentation necessary to prove your claim for benefits.
  • Determining when you are ready to return to work and helping you avoid returning to work too soon.
  • Answering any questions you have regarding your workers’ compensation claim.

Why Choose Pain Stop MD in Denton, Texas?

When you have a choice of medical providers, why should you choose Pain Stop MD in Denton, Texas to treat your work-related injury?

  • We specialize in treating work-related injuries resulting from trauma and overuse.
  • We understand the challenges involved in filing for workers’ compensation.
  • We prioritize our patients’ health.
  • We provide compassionate care that extends beyond diagnosis and treatment of your physical injury.
  • We offer personalized treatment plans that are custom-tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

If this sounds like your kind of workers’ compensation clinic, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to come and see us about your work-related injury. Questions? Feel free to give us a call.

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