Dallas DOL & Federal Workers Comp Doctor

The Pain Stop MD is a full-service provider of medical treatments for those who have suffered a work-related injury. Our workers comp medical services include a wide range of treatment plans to help patients recover from their injuries. Our staff will also gladly process all of your claims through your worker’s compensation carrier.

Our treatments include, but are not limited to, workplace injuries such as:

  • Injuries to the head, neck, and spine
  • Injuries to the foot and ankle
  • Injuries to the legs and knees
  • Injuries to the hands and wrists
  • Injuries caused by repetitive motions

We will provide you with a complete evaluation and treatment plan. Our evaluation will include:

  • Free consultation to discuss the injury
  • Medical evaluation of the injury, including chiropractic evaluation
  • Diagnostic testing

Once the extent of the injury has been determined through the evaluation and testing, we will then provide you with:

  • Medication management and injection therapy to help manage pain
  • Physical therapy

The doctors and staff of The Pain Stop MD work together as a team to provide outstanding medical care to our patients. We understand that the frustration from a work-related injury is often more than just the injury itself. We realize that these injuries have impacted your life physically, emotionally, and financially. We strive to provide excellent care that provides results so that our patients can have one less thing to worry about each day.

Lost In The System

All-too-often, people who have been injured at work get caught up in the system. There’s so much red tape and bureaucracy that gets involved in making a claim that the patient suffers during the process. We have mastered the worker’s compensation claim system and we will maneuver it for you as your medical care provider. Our experienced staff has managed claims from a large variety of providers and is aggressive in making sure that you receive the care you need to manage your injury and pain.

We will gladly provide case management for:

  • Federal Employees
  • Postal Workers
  • First Responders
  • State Employees
  • Office Employees
  • Construction Workers
  • Medical Professionals

However, we do not just limit our care to these industries. If you have been injured on the job, we will provide you with excellent care and help you through the medical claims process.

Doctors Who Care

One of the most important things you should consider when you are seeking treatment for an injury received at work is whether your Dallas workers comp doctor cares about your condition. Many doctors are employed by the insurance company to provide medical evaluations and prescribe treatments for injured workers. However, since these doctors are employed by the insurer, they often resort to the use of pain medications instead of authentic treatments for your injury because it saves the insurance company money.

When the doctor is more concerned about saving money for the insurance company instead of your health, there is a conflict of interests. For optimal recovery from your injuries, you must work with a doctor who is willing to learn the severity of your injury through diagnostic testing and apply the correct treatments to the injury for a recovery. This must be done with the interests of the injured worker in mind, not the bottom line of the insurance company.

The Pain Stop MD promises each of its patients that they will always place the best interest of their patients in front of those of the insurance companies. You have come to us for help with your injury and you are seeking recovery and relief. We will do our best to provide you with all the treatments you need to make that recovery or manage your injury.

Your Health Is Important

Once someone has been injured at work, they often feel as if they must place their health second to their job or their employer. It is important to remember that your health is the most important thing that you own.

Injuries happen for a variety of reasons. Many of them occur as a freak accident or from the very nature of the job. This does not mean, however, that you must live with the pain and discomfort of those injuries for the rest of your life.

If you have been injured on the job, seek out a caring and professional workers comp doctor in Dallas for a FREE case evaluation. You may be surprised how easy it is to treat your injury and learn how to manage the condition effectively so that you can live life to the fullest without interruption from pain and discomfort.