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The Importance of a Medical Professional Familiar With Workers Compensation

All worker’s compensation claims that are filed with the Department of Labor are examined by the Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs (OWCP.) This body subjects accusers to thorough medical examinations and often extensive testing in order to verify that the worker’s compensation claim is valid and the injury should be covered financially. It is in […]

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Changing Your Workers Compensation Doctor May Improve Your Chances of Receiving Benefits

Being injured on the job is a difficult time for an employee. Furthermore, an injury that occurs while working in Florida can be extremely hard if you do not have adequate legal representation. Many laws are designed to not be employee-friendly when you want to receive workers compensation benefits. For starters, your employer’s insurance company […]

Medical Professionals

Finding an Experienced Federal Workers’ Compensation Doctor

If you are a federal employee and injured in the workplace, you ultimately will be required by the Department of Labor, Office of Workers’ Compensations Programs (OWCP) to submit to a medical evaluation. The medical evaluation must be undertaken by a doctor of the OWCP’s choosing. Odds are that this medical provider will downplay the […]