Buttressing Your Federal Work Comp Case with a Medical Professional

If you have suffered as workplace injury as a federal employee, you need to be prepared to effectively, fully document the complete extent of your injuries. This necessarily includes being prepared to take on findings provided by the¬†work comp doctor¬†designated by the Department of Labor Office of Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs, or OWCP.

Who is the OWCP Worker’s Compensation Doctor?

When a worker’s compensation claim is filed by a federal employee, the OWCP is involved. One of the things this federal agency does is designate one of its own doctors to examine you. The theory is that this examination is intended to verify that you are suffering from the injuries identified in your claim.

The reality is that the OWCP doctor nearly always will minimize the extent of injuries. The doctor will minimize the future complications you will have because of those injuries. In short, the doctor will work against your interests to some degree.

Engaging Your Own Medical Professional

The solution to this problem is found in you engaging your own medical professional, a doctor who is well versed in the federal worker’s compensation system. This doctor will provide an evaluation of your status, including the extent and impact of the injuries you sustained as a result of an on the job accident.

Although your personal doctor may be very good, and may be treating you, he or she likely is not experienced with the federal worker’s compensation system. Therefore, while your doctor can be of some help to you in the process of pursuing your claim, you really do need a professional with specific experience in federal worker’s comp matters.

Federal Worker’s Compensation Consultants

Federal Worker’s Compensation Consultants maintain a variety of resources and services for a person like you seeking just and appropriate compensation for a job related injury in a federal government workplace. This includes assisting you in finding an ideal, experienced, respected doctor who can address the extent of the injuries you have sustained, as well as identify problems that you will endure into the future.