DOL & Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Denton, Texas

If you’re in need of a workers’ compensation doctor after sustaining an injury while on the job in Denton, Texas, you’re in the right place. At Pain Stop MD, we have the experience necessary to give you the proper support and assistance during a time of confusion and pain. Our clinic’s wide range of treatment plans and claims-processing services can help you through any step of the recovery process. Whether you’ve been injured in a traumatic accident, slowly injured from overuse, or suffering from conditions resulting from workplace hazards or an unsafe work environment, we can get you the help you need.

About Us

Our clinic’s experience with workers’ compensation allows us to approach your case with a sense of advocacy. Many patients get lost in a system that either doesn’t care or doesn’t understand the workers’ compensation claim process, delaying treatment and financial compensation and causing more pain on those who are injured. We can provide you the right resources, including trusted legal representation if necessary, to ensure a successful recovery. Our open and honest communication policies will allow us to work with your caseworkers, adjusters, and employers to find the right solution for your injury.

Federal Workers’ Compensation

The approach to processing federal workers’ compensation injuries differs from that of approaching private workers’ compensation or state workers’ compensation. Federal workers who are injured on the job are required to see a federal workers’ compensation doctor to be evaluated for treatment. Picking the right doctor to treat you is incredibly important in federal workers’ compensation cases. Our experience in dealing with federal workers’ compensation cases gives us the ability to navigate the process and ensure the best possible outcome.

Injuries in the Workplace

There are two different kinds of injuries that occur in the workplace. Traumatic injuries occur in a single incident, such as a blow that leads to a wound or injury, such as a sprain, strain, or fracture. These injuries are traceable to a specific place and time, caused by one event or a series of events during a workday or shift. Occupational illnesses, however, are caused by repeated stress on the body from overuse or exposure to hazardous chemicals or work environments. Occupational injuries occur over time, and can occur after a single day or work shift.

Certain forms are necessary to process a workers’ compensation claim, depending on your type of injury. Form CA-1 is used for traumatic injuries, while form CA-2 is used to process occupation illnesses or diseases.

What to Do If You Have Suffered an Injury

The following tips will lead to the best possible outcome if you are a federal employee who has been injured on the job:

  • Be sure to notify your employer before seeking treatment. You’ll be required to fill out form CA-16.
  • Be careful with the physician you choose for treatment. You can choose either an MD or a DO, but treatment from a chiropractor is limited to subluxation.
  • Don’t complete form CA-1 or CA-2 until you’ve spoken with your physician.
  • Keep an accurate documentation of all the records related to your injury.

DOL Doctors

Sustaining injuries in the workplace can be discouraging and create both chaos and confusion in your life. Having an experience DOL doctor on your side will help ease the stress and confusion associated with workers’ compensation claims. Our clinic’s doctors will work with you and all parties involved in the process to ensure you receive the care and benefits you deserve. We strive to give you the very best medical attention and care possible to restore your health and get you back on your feet. So you can focus on recovery, our team of OWCP claims professionals will work to make sure you get all the benefits you deserve under the Federal Employee Compensation Act.

Your supervisor should have made it aware to you that you have a right to choose the doctor you want for your treatment plan. There is no legal obligation to see the doctor specified for you by your employer. While some doctors don’t care and are only out to get money out of you, our team is committed to your health and well-being. Choose a practitioner you trust to put you and your compensation needs first.

The advantages of working with a DOL doctor compared to a normal physician are endless when dealing with work-related injuries. We’ve listed some of the differences below.

Patients First
A main advantage of working with a DOL doctor is their training to always think of the patient first. No matter your occupation, from letter carriers to FBI agents, a DOL doctor will better help you protect your rights after an injury on the job than any other physician.

In-Depth and Inside Knowledge
The intricate knowledge of working DOL-OWCP claims that DOL doctors have can be incredibly valuable as a patient who has suffered from a work-related injury. DOL doctors are better able to communicate on a superior level, enabling them to answer questions you have and those you never thought to ask. Due to the specialized nature of DOL doctors who work exclusively with federal workers, they will be better equipped to focus solely on your situation to arrive at the best solution for you.

Prompt and Efficient Handling of DOL-OWPC Claims
The paperwork related to DOL-OWPC claims can be both daunting and confusing. Having an experienced DOL doctor who understands the ins and outs of the process will help you file your claim promptly, leading to fast financial compensation.

Let Us Help!

The workers’ compensation claim process can be both confusing and discouraging, especially without somebody who understands the intricacies of the process. Knowing each state’s specific requirements is essential to putting in an effective claim, though one rule remains true in every state: Injured workers seeking compensation must be evaluated and diagnosed by a workers’ compensation doctor.

If you or a loved one is an injured worker in Denton, Texas, don’t hesitate to contact Pain Stop MD today. Our team of experienced doctors and staff can get you the help that you’ve been looking for.