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Don’t fret if you’ve been injured on the job and need a workers’ compensation doctor in Dallas, Texas. You’ve come to the right place. At Pain Stop MD, we have the experience necessary to give you the proper support and assistance in your time of need. Our wide range of services and treatments, from diagnosis to workers’ compensation claims, can help you along any step of recovering from your workplace injury. Whether you’ve been dealing with chronic pain from overuse or been the victim of a traumatic isolated incident, we can provide the right treatment for you to get you back on your feet and healthy again.

About Us

The staff at our clinic is well-versed in workers’ compensation, advocating for their patients before all else. Many patients often get lost in a system of doctors who don’t care, or mean well but might not have the experience to properly navigate the workers’ compensation claim process. If you’ve received inadequate medical care for your workplace injury, we can help you. With the right communication and resources like trusted legal representatives, our clinic can help you get through the necessary paperwork while including your caseworkers, adjusters, and employers to find the right solution.

Federal Workers’ Compensation

Approaching federal workers’ compensation injuries requires a different technique and thought process when compared to private workers’ compensation or state workers’ compensation. Federal employees who are injured on the job are required to see a federal work compensation doctor to be evaluated for treatment. Choosing the right doctor for this is very important, federal work employees who’ve been injured on the job should be very careful and selective about who treats them. Our clinic has a great deal of experience in treating federal work employee injuries and uses that experience to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients.

Injuries in the Workplace

Workplace injuries can occur in one of two ways. They can be traumatic, or caused by one single, isolated traumatic event or accident, or they can be occupational, caused by overuse of limbs and overexposure to toxic substances over the course of time. Occasionally, traumatic injuries will occur because of occupational hazards that have built up over time. For processing purposes, traumatic injuries should be traceable to a single day of work, generally one specific place, time, and incident. Occupational injuries are generally caused by repeated stress or strain, and can occur after a single day or work shift. Each of these injuries requires different paperwork to be filed for compensation.

For traumatic injuries, you will need to fill out form CA-1. For occupational illnesses or diseases, form CA-2 is required.

What to Do If You Have Suffered an Injury

The following tips will lead to the best possible outcome if you are a federal employee who has been injured on the job:

  • Be sure to notify your employer before seeking treatment. You’ll be required to fill out form CA-16.
  • Be careful with the physician you choose for treatment. You can choose either an MD or a DO, but treatment from a chiropractor is limited to subluxation.
  • Don’t complete form CA-1 or CA-2 until you’ve spoken with your physician.
  • Keep an accurate documentation of all the records related to your injury.

DOL Doctors

Work-related injuries can be discouraging and confusing. Having experienced and knowledgeable medical professionals on your side can significantly ease the pain of the process, as well as the pain of your injury. Our DOL doctors work with everybody involved in your case to ensure that you receive the care and benefits you deserve throughout the process. At Pain Stop MD, we’re committed to giving you the necessary treatment that will restore you back to good health. In the meantime, while you focus on recovering, our team of OWCP claims professionals will ensure you receive all the benefits you deserve under the Federal Employee Compensation Act.

Your supervisor should let you know that you have the right to choose the doctor you believe will treat you best. There is now legal obligation to see the doctor specified for you be your employer. Unfortunately, some doctors are only interested in making money and don’t care much about their patients. When choosing your practitioner, make sure you find somebody who will put you, the patient, first to work with you and get you the compensation you need.

There are many advantages, beyond simple medical treatment or assistance, to selecting a DOL doctor to treat you for your work-related injury. Here are some of the differences, below.

Patients First
Putting the patient first is a part of the job description for DOL doctors. Whether you’re a letter carrier or an FBI agent, a DOL doctor is trained to protect your rights if you are injured on the job.

In-Depth and Inside Knowledge
The inside knowledge of DOL doctors for working on DOL-OWCP claims can be incredibly advantageous to patients who’ve suffered work-related injuries. Because of their understanding of the system, they are able to communicate your needs to others in a superior manner, as well as address and answer any concerns you might have, or didn’t know you had. Mainly, because DOL doctors work exclusively federal workers, they can focus on your situation in a way that allows them to arrive at the best possible outcomes for you.

Prompt and Efficient Handling of DOL-OWPC Claims
Paperwork for DOL-OWPC claims can be very complicated, even for those who deal with it on a regular basis. Having an experienced doctor that has the know-how to process the paperwork correctly and efficiently will go far in filing your claim, and faster filing means faster compensation.

Let Us Help!

Navigating the medical process for federal workers’ compensation alone can be a daunting and discouraging task. Intricate knowledge of each state’s requirements is a must to put in a successful claim, though one rule rings true in every state: Workers who’ve been injured on the job that are seeking compensation must be evaluated and diagnosed by a workers’ compensation doctor.

If you or somebody that you know is an injured worker in Dallas, Texas, contact us at Pain Stop MD today. Let our team of experienced and caring doctors get you the help that you deserve.