Allen TX Workers’ Compensation Clinic

Allen TX Workers’ Comp Clinic

If you have been injured at work in Allen, Texas, seeing a doctor promptly will be important to protecting your health and ensuring that you remain eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. At Pain Stop MD, we specialize in diagnosing and treating employees who have suffered job-related injuries, and we also assist our patients in filing for workers’ compensation. Contact our Allen, TX workers’ comp clinic to get started.

Job-related injuries fall into two categories: traumatic and overuse. A traumatic injury is one that is sustained during a single incident or event, such as a fall, vehicle collision, or accident involving a piece of heavy machinery. An overuse injury is one that results from overexertion of the body or repetitive stress on a particular part of the body over time. Lifting injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and chronic pain resulting from strenuous and repetitive movements are all common injuries in the category of overuse.

Regardless of how you were injured, if you were injured at work, there is a good chance that you are entitled to medical and disability benefits through workers’ compensation. But, in order to file for benefits, you will need an accurate diagnosis, and you will need to begin a prescribed treatment plan promptly. When you contact us for an appointment, we will arrange for you to meet with our medical staff as soon as possible, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about filing for workers’ compensation.

Injuries We Treat

At Pain Stop MD, we treat employees in our Allen, TX workers’ comp clinic who have suffered all types of job-related injuries. With our specialization in workers’ compensation cases, we are particularly knowledgeable about the types of traumatic and overuse injuries that tend to occur within the scope of employment. We have experienced Federal workers compensation doctors that can help. Our board-certified physician and professional staff routinely treat patients we have diagnosed with injuries including:

For many employees, pain is the first sign of a potentially-serious job-related injury. Pain management is an important issue at this stage. This could be pain from a fall or collision (potentially indicating a fracture, soft tissue damage, or internal injury), or pain that develops gradually over time (such as pain in the wrist or lower back due to repetitive stress). Other common symptoms of work-related injuries include:

  • Bruising or other skin abnormalities
  • Difficulty performing routine tasks
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Limited mobility or range of motion
  • Memory loss
  • Muscle weakness
  • Tingling or “pins and needles” sensations

If you are experiencing any of these (or any other) symptoms, you owe it to yourself to see a doctor. If you live or work in Allen, Texas, we encourage you to choose Pain Stop MD and make an appointment to go to our Allen, TX workers’ comp clinic.

FAQs: Diagnosing and Treating On-the-Job Injuries

[otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Q: What types of workers are at the greatest risk for job-related injuries?” opened=”closed”] According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employees in the following industries and occupations suffer the greatest number of non-fatal job-related injuries on an annual basis: health care, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, transportation and warehousing, construction, wholesale, and services (including emergency, professional, delivery, and technical services). At Pain Stop MD, we routinely diagnose and treat patients in each of these sectors; and, with our location near Allen Texas, we have particular experience treating:

[/otw_shortcode_content_toggle] [otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Q: What treatment options are available to employees with traumatic and overuse injuries?” opened=”closed”] In most cases, injured workers will benefit from acute care. This is a form of treatment that focuses on addressing the root cause of the patient’s pain and remedying the issue so that he or she can recover as quickly as possible without risk of additional harm. Many injured workers will also benefit from different types of prescriptions (such as anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers), and physiotherapy is an effective tool for rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries. For patients who experience lasting effects from their injuries, at Pain Stop MD we also offer chronic pain management; and, for those who need surgery, we can help explore the options available.
[/otw_shortcode_content_toggle] [otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Q: What can I do to aid in my recovery and get back to work as quickly as possible?” opened=”closed”] To aid in your recovery, the best thing you can do is to follow your doctor’s advice. If you are being told to rest, there is a reason, and engaging in physical activity or returning to work too soon could exacerbate your injury. If we prescribe physiotherapy, attending all of your appointments and performing exercises at home as prescribed will help you safely rebuild the strength and stability you need to do your job.

What You Can Expect When You Choose Pain Stop MD

As a patient with a work-related injury, you are entitled to certain expectations. Here is what you can expect when you choose Pain Stop MD:

  • A comprehensive diagnosis that takes into account the unique factors involved in your accident or the physical stresses you face at work.
  • A custom-tailored treatment plan focused on treating your injury and getting you back to work as quickly and safely as possible taking into account the extent of your injury and your overall health.
  • Professional service and a patient-first approach which includes scheduling appointments as soon as possible and answering your questions whenever you have them.
  • A thorough understanding of the unique complexities of work-related injuries and in-depth knowledge of the surgical and non-surgical treatment options that are available.
  • Prompt and efficient help with your workers’ compensation claim, including preparing necessary documentation and submitting detailed medical records that clearly convey the nature and extent of your work-related injury.

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Have you been injured on the job? If so, let us help you get back to normal and start collecting the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. Contact our Allen TX workers’ comp clinic. To book an appointment at Pain Stop MD, please request an appointment online today.